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Chapter 006

Management Communications - Chapter 006

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Management (MGT)
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J Howard

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ENTERTAININGAND SPECIAL OCCASION PRESENTATIONS 31 January 2014 (Chapter 6, p.71-80) Goal of these speeches are to be inspiration, so choosing the right words and coming across to your audience as sincere are important. Words should arouse emotion and focus the audience’s thoughts and feelings on who or what is being honored or commemorated (jokes are best left to professionals). WELCOME PRESENTATION used to begin an event or occasion. Sets the mood and flow upon upcoming events and outlines the occasion for the audience so it knows what to expect. Expectation is that speaker will associate the values of the welcoming group with those values possessed by the person being welcomed. They tend to have a strong impact on audience. (IE: Wedding receptions, awards). SPEECHES OF INTRODUCTION Strong introduction should generate enthusiasm and give listeners a quick overview of the person they are about to encounter. It should include accurate information and enhance the impression of the person about to make his or her way to the platform. ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES Be sincere and let your thanks be heartfelt. Thank the person or persons giving you the award and anyone who inspired or helped you, including your family. A gracious and sincere acceptance speech will be remembered, and will be seen in a positive light. INAUGURATION SPEECH Objective is to reaffirm the values of the organization and to state the goals you will attempt to achieve while in the head position. EULOGIES If you are asked to say a few words about someone you have worked with (or for), keep your remarks short and tactful. Be respectful of the family and remember that your boss may be there listening and judging you. TOASTMASTER The toastmaster is the person who condu
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