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Chapter 008

Management Communications - Chapter 008

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Management (MGT)
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J Howard

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USING VISUALAIDS EFFECTIVELY 31 January 2014 (Chapter 8, p.89-104) Our ability to retain information increases by 40% when visual aids are used. 4 rules to follow when using visual aids: • Leave it up long enough for your audience to look it over before you begin talking about it (keep it simple so audience is reading while you’re talking) • Don’t talk to the screen, talk to the audience (stand so visual aid is on left) • Practice before your presentation (so that you are comfortable working with visual aids) • Keep going if something goes wrong with the visual aids or equipment TYPES OF VISUALAIDS • Flipcharts o Large pad of paper mounted in an easel, bound at top, loose at bottom o You can write as you speak, or you can put points in advance o For small group presentations o Use large letters, use blue or black marker (never use red and green together because of colorblindness), can prewrite your notes lightly with pencil o 4x4 rule: no more than 4 lines and 4 words per line o Stand on the correct side: right handed, stand on left o 3 t’s: touch, turn, and talk • Graphs and Charts o Help audience to grasp point, make comparisons, view specific items o Graphs  Line graphs • Trends • Show increases or decreases in a quick way  Profile graphs • Shading underneath data and make it easy to see large o significant changes  Bar graphs • See blocks of information to make visual comparisons quickly  Pictographs • Figures to show same type of information o Charts  Organization charts • Help to clarify complex subjects or procedures • Useful for chain of command  Pie charts • Pieces in relation to whole and one another (simplify combination of details)  Flow charts • Series of sequences in an easy to follow format • Overhead Projections o Most commonly used o Equipment required  Overhead projector (with a working light bulb)  Clear
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