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Chapter 011

Management Communications - Chapter 011

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

DELIVERY TECHNIQUES: THE 3 V’S 31 January 2014 (Chapter 11, p.115-138) The way you deliver your message to other people is made up of 3 components, the 3 V’s: • Visual (what we look at – dress, body language, posture, facial expression)  MOST IMPACT o Dress for success  Men: Suits demonstrate more authority than sports coat or blazer. Warm- weather climate, short sleeves and more casual; thus, suit makes you seem stand offish. Dark colours (IE: Navy blue, gray, and black to communicate power and authority)  Women: Skirts should not be too short or tight, shoes should be conservative low to mid heels, jewelry should not clang or dangle visual picture o Stand up straight, posture is important (my feet are hip width apart, my arms are by my sides) o Be aware of your facial expressions (smile, look pleasant) o Gestures are part of the visual picture  Use gestures to emphasize major points  Let movement be broad and flowing, not fast and jerky  Vary your gestures  Don’t point finger or fist, they are intimidating  Use palms and open them to your audience  Move your arms and hand together as a single unit  Use large gestures for large audience and narrow them for smaller group  Evaluate your gestures by practicing in front of a mirror  Nods and smiles will make you seem confident  Avoid gestures that make you seem nervous or defensive (don’t stand with hands behind back or in front)  Don’t keep your hands in your pockets  Keep hands and gestures above waist  Gestures should be upward and open • Vocal (how it sounds to others) o Voice and pitch matter  Stress = voices rise  Deeper pitch = longer people listen o Volume (not too soft or loud)  Breathing from diaphragm allows more air flow and will help you avoid a sore throat o Fast Talk or Slow Talk  Normal speaking rate is 120 -160 wpm o Voice Problems  Harshness (tension, stress – drink warm water with lemon)  Nasality (open mouth wider, using tongue
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