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Chapter 1

Speak Your Way To The Top - Chapter 1

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

MGTC36 Chapter 1 Chapter 1: Understanding the Eight Types of Business Presentations o 10 Tips for Team Leaders - Prepare with the audience in mind: What are the members expecting to get out of the presentation? - Have reasonable objectives - Arrive early to set up the room, get out materials, and welcome attendees - Define objectives, agenda, and ground rules - Use a variety of learning opportunities, making the event as experiential as possible - Use a variety of learning tools - Present information in small chunks giving opportunity for questions - Adhere to time constraints - Keep things moving - Draw conclusions and create action o Team Presentations - If you are leading a team presentation, it will be your responsibility to organize speakers, to assign the parts, and to oversee all presentations (keep things moving) - Important to keep the following questions and points in mind: How much time do you have for each part? What should be the order of material? Who are the strongweak presenters? As leader, you should sum up and lead the question-and-answer session Make sure you have given adequate preparation time for rehearsing and revising
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