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Chapter 10

Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 10

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 10 Chapter 10: The Five Styles of Delivery o Different speaking situations call for different styles of delivery, there are 5 styles - 1. Impromptu Style Also known as off-the-cuff speeches where they are given at the spur of the moment Most presentations are impromptus (e.g. in a meeting, you are asked to give a status report on a project) Secret to being successful at impromptu speaking is to relax & let your knowledge of the subject work for you When you know you subject well, it is easier to relax and speak If you are going to a meeting and suspect that you will be asked for an opinion, do some homework on the topic being discussed so you will be able to add your input to the occasion Successful impromptu speaking offers you an opportunity to shine and thereby to impress colleaguesboss - 2. Extemporaneous Style Extemporaneous presentations are planned, prepared, and practiced They are polished presentations that can be given many times but are different each time in or
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