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Chapter 11

Speaking Your Way to The Top - Chapter 11

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 11 Chapter 11: Delivery Techniques: The Three Vs o The way you deliver your message to other people is made up of three components: visual, vocal, and verbal o The visual is what we look at: dress, body language, posture, and facial expression (largest impact from 3 Vs, 55%) o The vocal is your voice and how it sounds to others o The verbal is the words you choose o The Visual (55% memorabiltiy factor) - Dress for Success How you look can colour what people hear you saying Choose clothing that will enhance your presentation and be appropriate for the occasion For men: N A suit demonstrates more authority (dark colours such as blue, gray, and black) than a sportscoat N When unsure of what to wear, ask the person who has scheduled you to present N Keeping the suit jacket closed gives the impression of a broad chest and narrow waits N White or light blue shirts are always appropriate, along with silk ties, polished dark leather shoes N ,14:Z0,7JO,8808439K,;09K02tinted so people cannot see your eyes N 439Z0,730Z8K4089K,9 K,;039-003-74N03L394,;4L100OL3JL3 pain N Clothing that does not fit properly will distract from what you have to say For women: N Two-piece suits in black, navy, or gray N Neutral blouses (whiteoff-white) and solid colour blouse N One pair gold, one pair silver earrings N Black pumps, navy or taupe pumps - Stand Up Straight! Posture Is Important To evaluate your own posture, look at yourself on video or in photographs Keep your feet a hip width apart and have arms by your sides When you are seated, you want 94O44N0307JL]0,3.431L03984439 slouch or appear too comfortable Proper seated posture when you are presenting is sitting straight up in your chair, spine straight, feet flat on the floor www.notesolution.com
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