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Chapter 12&13

Speaking Your Way to The Top - Chapter 12 & 13

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 12&13 Chapter 12: Platform Dynamics o Posture and Movement - Your objective is to be comfortable and controlled while you are presenting - Stand up and spread your feet about six to eight inches apart, parallel to each other with toes pointed straight ahead - Standing in this position will stop any swaying or rocking motion - Having your chin raised gives you the aura of being in control o The Eyes Have It - By making eye contact, you can determine if the audience is bored (you will have to pick up the pace) or if they are enthusiastic (this can help pump you up) - To make proper eye contact, think of the audience sitting in a Z formation and scan it up and down o Facial Expressions - It L8390,894850,N,382LO0,99K08,209L20-:982LOL3JL8L25479,39:7L3J4:7 presentation - Men find it m
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