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Chapter 15

Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 15

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Management (MGT)
J Howard

MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 15 Chapter 15: Questions and Answers o This is your opportunity to shine and to clarify your ideas further o Encouraging Questions - ,134430Z,398947,L80,K,34:.,3J41L789-8,L3J6:089L43,,2:8:,OO ,8N0L8 - This should encourage people to speak up after you, if no one asks questions, wrap up your presentation o Controlling Questions - As the presenter, you will be able to schedule the Q&A session (before, during, or after the presentation) - For a training session or a sales presentation, questions may be taken during the presentation o Handling The Hostile Questioner - Let them say whatever they want and you listen while they vent - Paraphrase what they have just said and how they feel without being condescending - Ask probing questions to find out what the real issue is - Choose one of the following options: ,N34ZZK,94:7L88:08,7034ZO0920708543 098O44NL3949KL894J09
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