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Chapter 7

Ch. 7 Notes

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Management (MGH)
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5) Adjourning. Groups have a definite life span, after the group dissolves the members exhibit
emotional support for each other.
Punctuated Equilibrium
Punctuated Equilibrium Model: A model of group development that describes how groups with
deadlines are affected by their first meetings and crucial midpoint transitions.
Phase 1: Begins from the first meeting and continues until the midpoint. Although it gathers in-
formation and holds meetings, the group makes little visible progress toward the goal
Midpoint Transition: Occurs that the halfway point in time toward the group’s deadline. The tran-
sition marks a change in the group to show progress. This transitions may used previously acquired
information or mark a new approach, but it crystallizes the group;s activities for Phase 2 just like
the first meeting did for Phase 1.
Phase 2: Begins from the midpoint and ends with the final meeting. The phase reveals a burst of
activity and a concern for how outsiders will evaluate the product.
Group Structure and Its Consequences
The most basic structural characteristics along which groups vary are size and member diversity.
Group Size
Size and Satisfaction: Members of larger groups report less satisfaction with group members
than those who find themselves in smaller groups. Larger group require more energy to de-
velop friendships, it increases the possibility for conflict and members identify less easily
with the success and accomplishments of the group.
Size and Performance. The answer depends on the type of task that the group needs to ac-
complish and on how we define good performance.
Additive Tasks: Tasks in which group performance is dependent on the sum of the per-
formance of individual group members. Thus, the potential performance of the group in-
creases with group size
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