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Chapter 10

MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Teleconference

Management (MGH)
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Chapter Ten-Communication
What is Communication?
Communication- the process by which info is exchanged b/t a sender and a receiver
Interpersonal communication- exchange of info b/t people
The simplest prototype for interpersonal communication is one-on-one exchange b/t two
Encoding and decoding prone to much error when the msg is inherently ambiguous or
Effective communication-the right ppl receive the right info in a timely manner
Basics of Organizational Communication
Communication by Strict Chain of Command
Chain of command- lines of authority and formal reporting relationships
Downward communication-info that flows from the top of the organization towards the
oIe. VP instruct manager to start manufacture new product, manager then tells
supervisor, who tells workers
Upward communication-info that flows from the bottom of the organization toward the top
oIe. Engineer want to use a new formula, pass on info to the manager, who pass into to
Horizontal communication-info that flows b/t departments or functional units, usually as a
means of coordinating effort
oA new idea for a product, info has to be passed up and down from VP of market and
Directives and instructions pass downwards through chain of command
Ideas and suggestions pass upward
Deficiencies in Chain of Command
Informal Communication
Chain of command fails to consider informal communication/t members
Informal interactions help ppl accomplish their jobs more effectively
Informal grapevine might benefit or hurt org.
Filtering- the tendency for a msg to be watered down or stopped during transmission
Employees suppose to filter info so CEO and VP do not get every detail
Overzealous filtering will preclude the right ppl from getting the right info and org. will suffer
Upward filtering often occurs b/c employees are afraid that their boss will use the info against
Downward filtering often due to time pressures or simple lack of attention to detail
Some managers filter downward communication to maintain edge on their subordinates
Potential for filtering increases w/ number of links in communication chain
Organizations establish channels in addition to formal chain of command
oIe. Open door policy-opportunity for employees to communicate directly w/ a manager
w/o going thro the chain of command
oOpen door policy should decrease the upward filtering of sensitive info if subordinates
trust the system
To prevent downward filter, many org communicate directly with receivers, avoiding pass info
thro chain
Even when chain of command transmits info faithfully, cal be SLOW
Chain of command can be even slower for horizontal communication b/t departments
Cross-functional team and employee empowerment established to speed up process
Manager-Employee Communication
Consists of one-to-one exchange of info b/t a boss and an employee
How Good is Manager-Employee Communication?
Extend to which managers and employees agree about work-related matters and sensitive to
each others point of view is one index of good communication
Lack of openness in communication might contribute to much role conflict and
ambiguityespecially for the employees
Lack of openness in communication reduces employee job satisfaction
Barriers to Effective Manager-Employee Communication
Conflicting Role Demands
oMany managers had trouble balancing both task and social emotional functions
The Mum Effect
oThe tendency to avoid communicating unfavourable news to others
oSend need not be responsible for the bad news of the effect to occur
oEffect much more likely when send is responsible for bad news
oEmployees w/ strong aspirations for upward mobility are especially likely to encounter
communication difficulties w/ their bosses
oEmployees who wants to impress their bosses to achieve promotion have strong motives
to withheld bad news
oBoss also suffer the effectreluctant about informing employees of bad ratings,
especially if they gave the rating
The Grapevine