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Monday, September-14-09 Organizational Behaviour Chapter 16 Pg. 554 - 566
What Organizations Can Change
Factors to changing any part of a business include
o Goals and strategies.
o Technology
o Job Design
o Structure
o Processes
o Culture
o People
A change in one area often calls for a change in another area
o Failure to do so, will lead to severe problems
Changes almost always require that organizations give serious attention to people
Change requires employees to learn new skills and change their attitudes, also change
requires organizations to learn
The Learning Organization
Organizational Learning refers to the process through which organizations acquire,
develop, and transfer knowledge throughout the organization
Organizations learn through knowledge acquisition, knowledge that is external to
Organizations also learn through knowledge development
Organization learning occurs when organizational members interact and share
experiences and knowledge
Learning Organization is an organization that has systems and processes for creating,
acquiring, and transferring knowledge to modify and change its behaviour to reflect new
knowledge and insights
o an organization that is adaptive in its capacity for change
Four key dimensions that are critical for a learning organization
o Vision/Support
o Culture
o Learning Systems/Dynamics
o Knowledge management/infrastructure
Not very many organizations are considered learning organizations
Learning is an important prerequisite for organizational change and transformation
The Change Process
Change involves a sequence of organizational events or a psychological process that
occurs over time
o Three Basic Stages: Unfreezing. Changing, Refreezing
! Unfreezing occurs when recognition exists that some current state of
affairs is unsatisfactory
! Change occurs when some program or plan is implemented to move the
organization to its members to a more satisfactory state
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