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Chapter 10

MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Performance Appraisal, Nonverbal Communication, Organizational Communication

Management (MGH)
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Ch 10
Communication Process by which information is exchanged
between and sender and receiver
Effective Communication – when the right people receive the right
information in a timely matter.
Basics of Organizational Communication
Communication by Strict Chain of Demand
Chain of Demand – Lines of authority and formal reporting
Downward Communication – Flow from top of the organization to
Upward Communication – Flow from bottom of the organization to
Horizontal Communication – Flows between departments/units to
coordinate events
Deficiencies in the Chain of Command
Informal Communication
Filtering – tendancy for a message to be watered down or
stopped during transmission
oUpward filtering – afraid information used against them
oDownward filtering – time pressures/lack of attention to detail
Voice, Silence and the Mum Effect
Voice – constructive expression of disagreement or concern about
work/practices. (Opposite of silence) If satisfied ↓ occurs.
Psychological Safety – A shared belief that it is safe to take social risks
(opposite of self sensorship)
Mum Effect – Tendancy to avoid communicating unfavourable news to
Informal communication network of the organization
Rumour – unverified belief that is in general circulation
Verbal Language of Work
Jargon – Specialized language used by members of particular
Non-Verbal Language of Work
Transmission of messages by some medium other than speech or writing
Body Language – From senders bodily motions, facial expressions
or physical location
oLike/Interest – position closely, touch, eye contact, lean
forward toward receiver
oRelexation – Casual paced arms/legs, reclined seating
position, lack of fidgeting and nervous activity
Props, Artifacts and Costumes
oOffice decor and arrangement
Gender communication Variances
Getting Credit - men