MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Yokohama Rubber Company, Corporate Social Responsibility, Absenteeism

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28 Feb 2011

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Ob is interest- ing, important and it makes a difference. Effective man- agement of of people allows organizations to sustain a com- petitive advan- tage. Ob studies how organiza- tions can be structured more effectively. Organizational behaviour: the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizations. The main factor that differentiates organizations is their workforce or human capital, and the most successful organizations are those that effectively manage their employees. The goal of organiza- tional behaviour is to predict, explain and manage organizational behaviour. Classical viewpoint: an early prescription on management that advocated high specialization of labour, intensive co-ordination and centralized decision making. Each department was to tend to its own affairs, with centralized decision making from upper management providing co-ordination. At the time scientific management contributed to the classical school. Scientific management: frederick taylor"s system for using research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work tasks.