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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Note

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Management (MGH)
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Chapter 1
What are organizations?
-Social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effor t coordinated
presence of people
-Coordinated presence of people
-Organizational survival and adaptation to change are impor tant goals
-Interaction and coordination among people to accomplish goals
Organization Behaviour
-attitudes/ behaviour of people in organizations
-more effective
-external environment affect organizations
Goals – predicting + explaining + managing
Classical view
advocates a high degree of specialization of labour and coordination and
centralized decision making
Bureaucracy – Max Weber
-strict chain of command
-selection and promotion criteria based on technical competence
-detailed rules, regulations, procedures
-high specialization
-centralization power
Problem for Classical view and Bureaucracy:
-employee alienation
-limit innovation and adaptation
-resistance to change
-minimum acceptable level of perfor mance
-lose sight of overall goals
Scientific management – Fredericks Taylors system
-use research to determine optimum degree
Human Relations Movement –
adoption, more f lexible
Henry Mintzberg –
interpersonal roles – leadership, f igurehead, liaison(
 )
Infor mational roles – monitor, disseminator, spokesperson
Decisional rolesentrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocation, negotiator

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Chapter 1What are organizationsSocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort coordinated presence of peopleCoordinated presence of peopleOrganizational survival and adaptation to change are important goalsInteraction and coordination among people to accomplish goalsOrganization Behaviourattitudes behaviour of people in organizationsmore effectiveexternal environment affect organizationsGoalspredictingexplainingmanaging Classical viewadvocates a high degree of specialization of labour and coordination and centralized decision makingBureaucracyMax Weberstrict chain of commandselection and promotion criteria based o
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