MGHB02H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Goal Setting

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1 Apr 2011

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C hapter 5
Motivationpersistent effort is directed toward a goal
Direction – quality of a persons wok related behaviour
Goals - direct their effort to the ends towards
Intrinsic motivationdirect relationship between the worker and the task self-applied
Extrinsic motivationwork environment external to the task applied by someone other than the
person being motivate
If intrinsic outcomes and extrinsic outcomes are both highly attractive, they should contribute to
motivation in an additive fashion
Performancecontributes to achieving the objectives of the organization
-positive relationship between motivation and performance
General Cognitive Abilitypersons basic information processing capacities and cognitive resources
- predict learning and training success as well as job performance in all kinds of jobs
Emotional Intelligenceindividuals ability to understand and manage his own and others’ feelings
and emotions
Perception of emotions integration and assimilation of emotions knowledge and understanding of
emotions management of emotions
- predict performance in jobs that involve a lot of social interaction
Engagement – individual immerses his true self into his work role
Components: attention and absorption( )
Psychological conditions that contribute to engagement: psychological meaningfulness, safety,
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
-physiologically needs safety needs social needs esteem needs (promotion, recognition
rewards) self-actualization (challenging jobs)
Key Assumptions – problems
-Prepotency Principle – I m hungry I m gonna focus of this need,
-Invariant( ) Ordering of Needs - satisfy my physiological needs before everything
-Little empirical ( ) support – the lower (self-actualization) is the most powerful, satisfy my
needs for food later because of lecture
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