MGHD27H3 Chapter : Appendix Notes

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8 Apr 2011

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Researches begin with a question hypothesis: a formal statement of the expected relationship between two variables. Variables: measures that can take on two or more values. independent variable: a predictor or cause or variation in a dependent variable. dependent variable: a variable that will vary as a result of changes in the indep. variable. moderating variables: a var that affects the nature of the relationship between an indep and dep var such that the relationship depends on the level of the moderating variable. like contingency variable in that they indicate when an independent variable is most likely to be related to a dependent variable. mediating variable: a var that intervenes/explains the relationship b/w indep and dep var. The reason that bonus reduce absenteeism may be it increases ppl"s motivation. reliability: an index of the consistency of a research subject"s responses.