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Chapter 1-3

MGMC14H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Clear Aligners, Breakcore, Main Source

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Tarun Dewan

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Align Technology Inc. of Santa Clara is the first company designed, manufactured, and
marketed the Invisalign system. No one can compete with it in the industry so far. The
company was founded by Zia Chishti and Kelsy Wirth, and both of them didn't have the
orthodontic education background. Zia Chishti looked at the company’s third-quarter
2001 sales figures, but found that revenue was not sufficient to support the future cost
growth. The company now is trying to make the Invisalign system to be adopted by
orthodontists and patients. However, for some reason, orthodontists as the only approach
which patients can have the access to the program, are not adopting the system. Even
though the company has done so many work and spent a lot of money to increase the
awareness of Invisalign, the effect still doesn’t seems that good. The major problem is the
distribution gap between the product and end-user. In this case, we can define the
problem as the distribution gap between Invisalign program and consumers.
There were three major consumer segments for Invisalign. “Health conscious” consumers
were people who straighten teeth simply because of their oral health. They would accept
either braces or Invisalign depending on the suggestions from orthodontists. “Prior users”
were consumers who used braces before but still need treatment for the shifted teeth.
They care more about the treatment process, which Invisalign can offer. “Beauty
conscious” consumers were people would fix their teeth only if their appearance was not
affected during the treatment process, which mostly benefit from Invisalign also. Now,
let’s look at how Invisalign work. Sales and sales support staff trained orthodontist and
assisted them with the Invisalign practices. Orthodontists are trained on case study,
instructions on filling out the Invisalign prescription form, pricing, and how to interact
with the particular website. After Orthodontists get the information of patients, they sent
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