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16 Feb 2011
Chapter 9
Psychological contract the set of expectations held by an employee concerning what he
or she will contribute to an organization (contributions) and what they organization will
provide the employee (inducements) in return
Human relations interactions between employers and employees and their attitudes
toward one another
Job satisfaction the pleasure and feeling of accomplishment employees derive from
performing their jobs well
Morale the generally positive or negative mental attitude of employees toward their work
and work place
Turnover the percentage of an organizations workforce that leaves and must be replaced
Motivation set of forces that causes people to behave in certain ways
Classical theory of motivation a theory of motivation that presumes that workers are
motivated almost solely by money
Scientific management breaking down jobs into easily repeated components, and
devising more efficient tools and machines for performing them
Hawthorne effect any action on the part of management that made workers believe they
were receiving special attention caused worker productivity to rise
Theory XTheory Y
People are lazy People are energetic
People lack ambition and dislike
responsibilityPeople are ambitious and seek responsibility
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