Chapter 4 Management Information Sysytem

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6 Mar 2011

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Chapter 4
Accounting: system for collecting, analyzing and communicating financial information
measure business performance, then transform as information for decision making
Bookkeeping: recording accounting transaction
Accounting information system: procedure for identify, measure, record, retain financial
information, use in accounting statement and management report
manager: set goal and budget, develop plan, future
employee: paid and planned, receive benefit
investor and creditor: estimate return for stockholder, determine growth prospect, if is good credit
taxing authorities: tax inflow, tax liabilities, ensure correct amount
government regulatory agencies: duties, provincial securities commission
Controller: manage all firms accounting activities
Financial accounting system: kept inform about financial condition of a firm
external user (consumer, government): focus activities of company as a whole (not individual
Managerial accounting: internal procedure alert manager to problem and aid by planning and
decision making
report in individual unit
distinguish FA and MA by different user they serve
not historical, forwarding looking
Professional Accountant
·chartered accountant (CA): certain experience and education requirement, licensing exam,
outside accountant for other firm
focus on external financial report
·certified general accountant (CGA): education, exam, work in private industry/CGA firm
focus on external, use computer as tool
·certified management accountant (CMA): university, exam, strategic leadership, work in
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