MGTA02H3 Chapter 4: chapter 4 textbook notes

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28 Apr 2011
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MGTA02H3 Full Course Notes
MGTA02H3 Full Course Notes
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Accounting: system for collecting, analyzing and communicating financial information (cid:0) measure business performance, then transform as information for decision making. Financial accounting system: kept inform about financial condition of a firm (cid:0) external user (consumer, government): focus activities of company as a whole (not individual department) (cid:0) historical. Managerial accounting: internal procedure alert manager to problem and aid by planning and decision making (cid:0) report in individual unit (cid:0) distinguish fa and ma by different user they serve (cid:0) not historical, forwarding looking. Chartered accountant (ca): certain experience and education requirement, licensing exam, outside accountant for other firm (cid:0) focus on external financial report. Certified general accountant (cga): education, exam, work in private industry/cga firm (cid:0) focus on external, use computer as tool. Certified management accountant (cma): university, exam, strategic leadership, work in industry www. notesolution. com (cid:0) (cid:0) focus on internal.