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Module 3

Management (MGT)
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Hugh Mac Donald

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Module 4: Planning, Writing, and Revising
The writing process:
1. Planning
- Analyzing situation: what client wants
- Defining your purposes, analyzing audience needs
- Thinking about info: what proof you need, where to find it
- Gathering info: through own/others’ observations and experiences,
Internet, articles
- Making notes, creating outlines, considering how to organize info:
academic vs. business, readers’ expectations, what audience knows,
what they need to know
2. Drafting
- Putting notes on paper/screen
- Can include purpose statements, visuals, lists, dot jots, stream-of-
consciousness thoughts, or formal draft
3. Rewriting
- Assess work by measuring against your criteria
- Get continuous feedback
- Delete, add, substitute, rearrange
- Edit the draft: correct spelling and mechanical errors, check word
choice, format
- Proof the final copy
Writing process doesn’t need to follow in the given order, don’t have to finish
one activity to start another, and can redo same activity several times for the
same document
Know audience, understand audience, do thorough research
Practised writers often:
- Break big jobs into series of steps
- Discuss writing with others
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