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Module 5

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Module 6: Communicating You-Attitude
You-attitude: a way of communicating that demonstrates your ability to see
another point of view; empathizing
Style of writing that:
- looks at things from the reader’s point of view
- respects the reader’s intelligence
- protects the reader’s ego
- emphasizes what the reader wants to know
What is You-Attitude in Writing?
You-attitude messages focus politely and positively on the audience
Use appearance, layout, visuals, language, organization to create reader-
centred docs
How do I create Reader-Focused, You-Attitude?
1. Talk about the reader, not about yourself
- Tell readers how they benefit or are affected, not what you are doing for
2. Avoid talking about feelings, except to congratulate or offer sympathy
- Keep in mind an appropriate medium for messages ex: handwritten cards
for birthdays, marriages etc., face-to-face for negotiations, conflict-
3. Use you more often than I in positive situations. Use we when it includes the
4. Avoid the blaming you in negative situations
- Instead use an impersonal expression or a passive verb
-Impersonal constructions: omit people and talk only about things
-Passive verbs: describe the action performed on something, without
necessarily saying who did it
How to use content and organization to create goodwill:
1. Content
- Only include necessary info, use appendix/attachement for additional info
- Anticipate and answer questions of objections the reader is likely to have
- Show why unasked info is included, and important
- Explain how subject of message affects reader
2. Organization
- Put most interesting info first
- Arrange info to meet reader’s needs, not yours
- Use headings and lists so that reader can find key points quickly
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