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MGTA35H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter Online reading: Ion, Pathos

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MGTA35 – The Art of Leadership Communication
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We have become a very “wordy” world
oWords convince us to buy and sell, that we are loved, in danger, etc.
Some people are called “word makers” because they make up new words or redefine an existing one
Too often we are only focused on the ‘what’ and forget the ‘how’
oThe ‘how’ determines if what we say will be understood and retained
oWithout the ‘how’, our words will disappear from the listener before its desired effect takes place
Communication is an essential leadership skill
Leaders are the Founders of the Future
Globalization is rapidly redefining today’s business environment
Significant strategic shifts are transforming the playing field
oVast opportunities for growth are emerging at the same time that the pool of high-performing
talent capable of seizing those opportunities are shrinking
Those who can stay ahead of the rapid pace of change, anticipate talent needs, and take
the lead in developing innovative strategies for the future who will likely be tomorrow’s
It’s the leaders challenge to create the circumstances that stimulate improved performance and execution
from the people within their organization
oKey question for business leaders is not ‘why’ high performance but ‘how’
Leaders of the future will need to be adept conceptual and strategic thinkers, have deep integrity and
intellectual openness, find new ways to create loyalty, lead increasingly diverse and independent teams
over which they may not always have direct authority, and relinquish their own power in favour of
collaborative approaches inside and outside the organization
oThey build a sense of shared purpose by painting a compelling vision of the future
At every opportunity, leaders share the vision of what’s ahead
Eloquence isn’t a requirement
4 revolutions are translated into 4 leadership success for the future, each of which embodies a set of
clearly defined communication behaviours
1. The agility leader
2. The authenticity leader
3. The talent leader
4. The sustainability leader
Communication is the Lifeblood of Leadership
As leaders, we are called upon to counsel, cast vision, set goals, make plans, and chart the course for the
ship we are leading
oThe bigger the ship the slower it turns
You must communicate often the little changes and steps of progress to keep everyone on board and on
the same page
oIf the ship is small, you need to communicate clearly so you do not lose people overboard if you
turn too quickly
The perception of leaders is a key factor impacting the structures that they represent
The ability to facilitate effective conversations is critical at every level of leadership
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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