Chapter One Notes

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Published on 14 Jul 2011
Management (MGT)
Chapter 1 – 8 Types of Business Presentations
10 tips for team leaders:
Prepare with the audience in mind
Have reasonable objectives
Ar r ive early to set up the room, get out materials, and welcome attendees
Define objectives, agenda, and ground r ules
Use a variety of learning opportunities, making the event as experiential as possible
Use a variety of learning tools
Present information in small chunks giving opportunity for questions
Adhere to time constraints
Keep things moving
Draw conclusions and create action
Team presentations:
Organize speakers, assign parts, over-see all presentations
Time for each part?
Order of material?
Strong/weak presenters?
Sum up and lead the question-and-answer session
Give adequate preparation time for rehearsing and revising
Appearing to be disorganized
Holes in presentations
Poor timing
Tips for Videoconferences:
Size: small, geog raphically disbursed groups (diff icult to see with large groups)
Have a backup plan
Make proper introductions: let them know you can see them, everyone is visible
Establish a facilitator to follow the agenda, run the meeting, make open & close remarks
Watch the remote locations: focus on others, not yours elf
Pay attention to grooming avoid checks & plaids & overly br ight colours
Show consideration for others: speak normally, wait until person is done speaking
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