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Chapter 2

Chapter Two Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 2 – PAL (Purpose, Audience, Logistics)
PURPOSE: informative, persuasive, special occasion
1) Informative Speech: clear & effective information, capture your listener’s attention & want
them to retain the infor mation
2) Persuasive Speech: used to generate action by the audience or to inf luence behavior. Can use
a logical approach, feeling and emotion, or the speakers credibility to appeal to an audience
3) Special Occasion Presentations: welcome, introductory, acceptance, or exit speech
AUDIENCE: who is your audience? Demographics, psychographics, attitudes, learning styles, &
identification of the decision makers
1) Demographics: age, education, occupation, socioeconomic group, marital status used to avoid
offending people (language, examples, illustrations, humour, information)
Demographic Audience Prof ile:
Males/females & percentage of each
Age ranges
Income, education levels
Where do they live & work?
Mar r ied/single/widowed/divorced
2) Psychographics: audiences feelings and impressions
Psychographic Audience Profile:
What do they think about your topic?
Have they attended any presentations on similar topics?
What are their hopes, aspirations, dreams, goals?
What are their interests?
Are they politically active?
Have they suppor ted causes like yours before?
Are they open minded?
3) Identifying Decision Makers: is someone you are trying to inf luence going to be there?
(avoid addressing your comments to or looking pr imarily at decision maker during presentation)
WIlFM: Whats In It For Me? – audience come with t heir own agenda and want something
from the speaker
What are their experiences with the topic?
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