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Chapter Six Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 6 – Entertaining/ Special Occasion Presentations
Some Guidelines to Consider Before Using Humor
Not natural, dont use it unless you are comfor table; practice or leave it out
Not comfor table with long stories, use one-liners
Not sure if its funny, try it out on a friend or leave i t out
Sur prise audience with humor (dont say “I want to share this funny story with you”)
If no one laughs, say something to ease the silence
Dont laugh too hard, laughing too hard is in poor state
If You Choose to Use Humor
1. Remember the punch line. Remember the end
2. Make s ure that the anecdote relates to your speech & is appropriate.
3. Have good timing. Practice by telling it to others, modify or eliminate if it doesnt go
4. Dont be cruel.
5. Dont use vulgar language.
6. Humor doesnt travel & it doesnt work overseas. Keep audience in mind, funny in
different places
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