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Chapter Seven Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 7 – Team Presentations
6 Steps to a Successful Team Presentation
1. Pick the right leader. Most knowledge of the topic, respected, known to be objective,
give fair criticism
2. Agree on the focus. Each members’ part is just as important as any other
3. Schedule frequ ent updates & reviews of the material. Each member talks to team
leader to ensure they are headed in the right direction. Group meetings should be held to
let everyone know what they are doing
4. Conduct proper audience analysis. Understand who listeners are & their knowledge
level & interests
5. Pay attention to details. Leader or designate for room arrangements, equipment, visual
aids & handouts. Presentation should be coordinated & reviewed before presentation day
& arrange a room for practice
6. Have mutual respect for team members. Comfort level helps members help them relax
& do their best
Team Leader Responsibilities
Buy-in of the concepts & strategies from man agement. Talk to key people before team
begins working to avoid having to do things over again. The suppor t of management help
encourage team
Au d ience analysis. Gather information about the audience, include key players &
decision makers
Define the strategy for you r team. Meet with each member to make sure they are
comfor table with the strategy. Give a clear picture of the audience & marketing to
members who lack those infor mation
Assign the topics. Assign each member their topics & explain what is expected
Make a schedule. For individual & group meetings; gives each member a chance to
practice with others
Provide strong leadership & direction. Stay on schedule, budget, & course
If You Are a Moderator
Introduce the topic & speakers & give credentials
Opening & closing each segment of discussion. Maintain proper timing, give time
warning, stop them
Provide br idge between segments; move the discussion along if comments are not
Opens the Q&A session, paraphrases the question, calls the respondent, end the
discussion & sum up
Successful Meetings (executives spend 50%+ of their time at meetings; what is the pur pose?)
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