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Chapter Ten Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 10 – The Five Styles of Delivery
1. Impromptu. (spur of the moment) Off-the-cuff speeches. Relax & let your knowledge of the
subject work for you. Do homework on the topic so you will be prepared. Opportunity to shine,
impress colleagues & boss. Group situation – brainstorm
2. Extemporaneous. (planned events) Planned, prepared & practiced. Given many times, never
the exact same.
3. Expromptu. (meetings, short notice, not practiced) 1+2, prepared but not practiced. Success
depends on how well you gather & organize thoughts
4. Manuscript. (scientific & political conferences) Written down & read word-for-word to the
audience. Ensures exact adherence to a timetable. Use scope technique – slide your thumb &
index finger down the page, helps you find your place after you look back.
5. Memorized. (never!) recited word-for-word