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Chapter Twelve Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 12 – Platform Dynamics
Posture & Movement
Relax & in control
Stand up & spread your feet about 6”-8” apart, parallel to each other with toes pointed
straight ahead
Flex your knees & put your weight on the bal ls of your feet (will help stop swaying
Take at least 2 steps, then get back into position, do not pace
Getting physically closer to your audience increases its attention and interest &
encourages response
Accepted public distance zone: 12-25 ft.
Smaller group: 4-12 ft. & occasionally get as close as 18” to 4 ft.
Stand up straight & face the audience head-on, arms relaxed & hanging down at your
Head up high, chin up
The Eyes Have It
Think of the audience as sitting in a “Z” formation, start with a familiar or friendly face,
3-5 seconds, then move on in a Z around the room
Nod occasionally
Facial Expressions - Smile! Practice will help, videotape, or reminder in your speech notes
Body Language – sit up straight, hand above the table, use gestures & make eye contact
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