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Chapter 4

Chapter Fourteen Notes

Management (MGT)
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Chapter 14: Getting Your Audience Involved
Ask the audience questions
Get the audience to react or respond – ask question & request a show of hands
Tell the audience a story
Use interactive activitiesturn to your neighbor & shake hands, look at the person
behind you
Have the audience participate in your presentationhave audience play games, do
puzzles, play roles
Use visual aids – ask question (related to the visual)
Have the audience f ill in the blanks – refer to pages in handouts & fill in the blanks you
have left
Form small groups – have them work together on a brief activity
Use peoples names – makes them feel more involved, in small groups – talk directly to
Make direct eye contact – if they look away, dont look at them again. Different
Move closer to the audience
Why Isnt Anyone Listening?
An unexpected disturbance in the room, or just outsidemake a joke to smooth
things over, or just wait for the noise to end, politely let them know they can leave the
room (crying baby)
Movement in the room – ignore & continue, use humour if comfor table, if people leave
– end early
Your memory failscontinue as if nothing happened, if its obvious – make a joke
A photographer is trying to take a picture of youhold a pose for a few seconds
Theres a heckler in the audiencedo not respond to taunts, sit down & resume when
incident is over
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