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Speaking Your Way To The Top

Management (MGT)
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MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Persuasive Presentations
o Speech Planning Worksheet
- There are four options/styles to organizing your presentation
- 1. Proposition to Proof
Proposition is stated at the beginning of a presentation and this lets your
listeners know right up front what you want from them
Prove your proposition with 3 -5 points of evidence and an emotional appeal
Review the evidence and end with a strong closing statement
- 2. Problem to Solution
First state a problem and then present a solution from your point of view
If the problem is complex, make sure you spend enough time detailing what
the problem is
After explaining problem clearly, offer your solution which has 3 -5 points
and supporting material, a review, and a memorable closing statement
- 3. Reflective
Start with a problem and then prove that it exists (similar to how problem to
solution begins)
Prove the problem exists, then establish the criteria to evaluate and select a
Explain the solutions that you are rejecting and why the solution you propose
is the best one
- 4. Motivated Sequence
This method is used most in sales and it leads your audience to a call to action
(presenter leads audience to brink of action and then provides it with the
means to act)
The motivated sequence either creates a need in the audience or makes it
aware of a need
o 4 Models of Persuasive Speech
- 1. Proposition to proof
Grabber statement
State your proposition
Proof ± using logic and emotional appeals
Memorable statement ± ask for what you want. Draw conclusions
- 2. Problem to solution
Problem ± Be sure to prove that a problem exists. This could be a big part of
the problem
Memorable statement ± ask for what you want. Draw conclusions
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