Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 7

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29 Dec 2010
MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Team Presentations
o Teams can stand out by their presentation dynamics, if a team works like a smooth, well-
oiled machine
presentations, making sure that each person has his or her area covered adequately and
o 6 Steps to a Successful Team Presentation
- 1. Pick the right leader
Often the person with seniority is automatically designated team leader
Team leader should have the most knowledge of the topic or the client, who is
respected by the other members, and who is known to be objective and able to
five fair criticism
- 2. Agree on the focus
Each team member must understand that the success of the presentation is no
- 3. Schedule frequent updates and reviews of the material
Each member should discuss his/her part of the presentation with the team
leader to ensure they are heading in the right direction
Group meetings should be held so everyone is aware of where the other
members are heading
- 4. Conduct proper audience analysis
Listeners may come from different levels in the organization and each
member in the presenting team should understand who the listeners are and
their knowledge levels and interests
- 5. Pay attention to details
Leader should be responsible for details such as room arrangements,
equipment, visual aids, & handouts
- 6. Have mutual respect for team members
the presentation, and enjoy being together will have the advantage
The comfort level the members have with each other will help them to relax
and do their best during the presentation (can schedule informal lunch or
dinner to get to know each other)
o If You Are The Team Leader
- To ensure the best outcome for your team, your responsibilities should include the
Buy-in of the concepts and strategies from management
x It is up to you to schedule a meeting with key people before the team
begins working to avoid the team having to do things over again later
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