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Chapter 15

Speaking Your Way To The Top - Chapter 15

Management (MGT)
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MGTC36 Speaking Your Way To The Top Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Questions and Answers
o This is your opportunity to shine and to clarify your ideas further
o Encouraging Questions
- This should encourage people to speak up after you, if no one asks questions, wrap up
your presentation
o Controlling Questions
- As the presenter, you will be able to schedule the Q&A session (before, during, or
after the presentation)
- For a training session or a sales presentation, questions may be taken during the
o Handling The Hostile Questioner
- Let them say whatever they want and you listen while they vent
- Paraphrase what they have just said and how they feel without being condescending
- Ask probing questions to find out what the real issue is
- Choose one of the following options:
o How To Respond To Questions
- When You Know the Answer
Good way to begin is to paraphrase the question or include it as part of the
Good way to make sure you have answered the question is to ask if they have
any more questions
them later
- The Stage Hog
If someone persistently asks you a relevant question, answer them and say
If it is irrelevant, answer the first two questions then cut them off, offer to
answer after the presentation
o Conclude With A Memorable Statement
- Return to the original theme, revert to your closing statement, or talk about next steps
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