MGTA36H3 Chapter 12: Module 12 – Communicating with Positive Emphasis

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4 Aug 2016
Module 12 – Communicating with Positive Emphasis
Omit the negatives if it is truly unimportant:
Omit only in three instances:
The reader does not need the information to make a decision.
You have already given the reader the information, and he or she has access to the
previous communication
Information is trivial
Place the Negative Information Strategically, and Present It Compactly
Place the negative information in the middle of a message or paragraph rather than at the
beginning or end.
Beginning and end are always positions of emphasis so if you want to emphasis the
negative then putting it at the beginning will help you do so.
When writing several pages, the bottom of first page is also emphasized due to the black
space after it, it catches the reader’s attention. Therefore you should avoid placing
negative information at the bottom of the first page.
Giving a topic lots of space emphasizes it, so give negative information as little space as
possible, don’t talk about it more than once.
Why Do I Need to Think About Tone, Politeness and Power?
No one likes to deal with someone who is rude or condescending, which is why tone is
important. Tone also related to power, example a supervisor who is friendly might not be
taken seriously. When dealing with other cultures it’s important to know what may be
offensive to them as different ways of conveying a message have different meanings.
- Use courtesy titles for people you do not know too well
- Be aware of the power of implications of the words you use. Level of politeness
within your writing.
What’s the best way to apologize?
If it was not your fault or there was a delay, you do not need to apologize, although you
should have an explanation so the reader knows you were not negligent.
If there’s a delay, you should ask if the person wants the original item or a new one.
If you don’t know if you have inconvenienced someone, don’t draw attention to it.
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