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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Study Guide

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Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Chapter 20 The Later Romantics Prelude -Brahms follows Classic masters to compose his work -Wagner and Liszt develop new genres like music drama and symphonic poem respectively -dichotomy between absolute and program music, tradition and innovation -technology and scientific knowledge has influence peoples mind -they looked forward and are optimistic about innovation and novelty -despite the innovative attitude, old musical styles, like that of Bach and Mozart are conserved in this period Franz Liszt (1811-1886) -model piano style after virtuoso, adding stunning effect -adapt Chopins lyricism of melodic line and rubato -is stimulated by violinist, Paganinis technical virtuosity -push piano to its furthest limit Piano Music -un sospiro (A sigh) -etude piece -slow moving melody is played in rapid broken-chord figuration -pedal makes this possible by sustaining harmonies when the two hands play leaps over e
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