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Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Study Guide

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Music and Culture
Andy Lee

Chapter 25 The Changing World of Music since 1945 Heirs to the Classical Tradition Olivier Messiaen -compose many pieces on religious subjects because he is a devout Catholic Quatuor pour la fin du temps -violin, clarinet, cello, and piano -do not develop themes, juxtapose static idea 1 movement Liturgie de cristal -violin and clarinet play figures that suggest birdcall, sense of nature and divine -cello notes are from a single whole-tone scale, repeating sequence of five note (C-E-D-F#- Bflat), suggest contemplation and negation of desire -harmony avoids moving forward to a resolution -chord series are repeated to create sense of stasis meditation -treat rhythm as duration, not meter -piano and cello play a repeating series of duration that resemble talea or rhythmic pattern of medieval isorhythm -piano features a string of 17 durations played ten times -repeating pitch and rhythmic series create cyclic repetition, sense of contemplation -cello plays in high harmonics (sounding 2 octaves above notated p
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