VPMB94 Chapter 7

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Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

VPMB94 Chapter 7 Duke EllingtonDuke Ellingtonmost creativeprolific composerarrangerled the longestlived big bandPianistEllington played in stridestyle at firstlater a percussive styleswing feelingunusual harmoniesvoicingsComposerinstrumentals in the subject of personalities such as stride pianist Willie Smithcomedian Bert Williamsothers are musical pictures of placessensation combination of blue and translucency in the piece Transblucencyalso wrote long piecesArranging Stylecapitalizes on uniquely personal sounds of individual playerswrote parts suited to soundscapabilities of each player in his bandeach musician had highly individual soundvoicing across sections of bandwrote passages to be played by combination of instrument from different section instead of one section playing against another onewordless vocal also called instrumentalized voice ex Transblucencyexotic jungle sounds growl style of trumpettromboneclarinet in wailing mannerstirring effect due to unusual voicing of clarinetits intense playingBilly Strayhornpianistcomposerarrangerfresheffective orchestration techniquesunusual intervals for melodiesfamous for his balladClarinetBarney Bigardlong legato linesJimmy Hamiltonlighter soundprecise and articulate conceptioncool floating quality that suggests modern jazz
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