VPMB94 Listening Guide 2

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Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

VPMB94 Listening Guide 2Origins of Jazz Early JazzAfrican Retentions Sequencetradition of expressive inflections of pitch in African American vocaljazz instrumental styles1 Street Cries of Charleston male street vendorcall of African American street vendor trying to sell blackberries2 Fishermen Strawberry and Devil Crab Miles Davis trumpet solomusic in Gershwins opera Porgy and Bessopera described African American life in Charleston3 Hunters DanceWest African Folkpeasant musicrepeating bass figureplucked string of dozokonu 6 strings harp lutemetal scraper karinyanmale voice callwomens chorus responseoverlapping call and response because the male voice begins to sing before the women chorus is donewhistle sound from wooden whistle fereexcitement increases as performance proceeds more layers of activity4 One DayAmerican Gospel Singingsung by Angelic Gospel Singers four women Dixie Hummingbirds five men pianistexcitement increases over the course of performancerhythm tugginggliding through pitch rangeraspy timbre common to West African singersmusicianssyncopation suggests swing feelingrhythmic conflictresponsorial chorus provides repeating riffcallandresponse pattern doubles in rate5 One O Clock Jumpriff band piece in swing era12 bar blues formagainst sounds antiphony different riffs are played against each othersyncopation in trombonetrumpetwalking bassride rhythms on high hat
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