VPMB94 Chapter 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Music and Culture
Alan Stanbridge

VPMB94 Chapter 10 Cool Jazzcool jazz refers to modern jazz that is softereasier to follow than bopavoid roughnessbrassinesssimpler softermore melodic than bopgreater emphasis on countermelodiesarrangementsubduedunderstatedLennie Tristano and Lee KonitzTristanopianist composer bandleadercreated modern jazz alternative to bopimprovised in lockedhand styleseveral chord changes in a single measure complex improvisationfavoured long phrasessmootherless jumpy linesoriginal choice of notes composed of notes a step or half step away from notes in the chordcreated unresolved feelinglong strings of uninterrupted eighth notes interspersed with sixteenth noteshigh density virtuosic piano sound no relaxation of tension Lee KonitzTristanos studentalto saxophonistdry airy tones that was soft in texturelight in weightslow vibratopreferred high registerrarely used staccatolines were legatoin the style of Tristanos densely packed piano improvisationAfter 1954 he slowed his playingfrequent use of silencebluesy flavourBirth of the Cooltrumpeter Miles Davisarranger Gil Evans organized recording session of ninepiece band known as Birth of Cool bandlightweight tone qualitiessubdued effectuse of French horntubano tenor saxophone or guitar was usedWest Coast Style of the 1950ssmoothertunelike solo improvisation than bopmore emphasis on compositionarrangementmost came from big band in Los Angeles
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