VPMC83 Franz Schubert and the Peacocks of Benvenuto Cellini

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Music and Culture
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Ken Mc Leod

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Franz Schubert and the Peacocks of Benvenuto Cellini I -discussed Schubert’s homosexuality from a psychoanalytic standpoint -double nature of Schubert, mixture of gaiety and melancholy -patronized prostitute, sign of moral degradation -venereal infection of syphilis due to excessively indulgent sensual living -sexually promiscuous II -conflict with Schubert’s father about patriarchal issues of career, religion, and marriage -avoid religious controversy and temporize about pursuing a school teaching career -reject Catholic dogma and authority -courtship with Therese Grob between 1814 and 1816 -marriage represents freedom loss and melancholy -antipathy to matrimony is consistent with his withdrawal from the courtship -Grob: no intimacy and understanding between her and Schubert -music teacher of Countess Karoline Esterhazy -difficulty communicating with the Countess -Huttenbrenner: dominating aversion for women -intimate form of address in letters to male friends -letters to women are formal -view marriage as departure from principle III -refused to resume teaching post at schoolhouse in Rossau district -in 1816, moved out of his father’s house and lived with Franz von Schober -Schober was viewed as Schubert’s seducer, bad influence on moral matters -leader in the Schubert circle and adored by Schwind, Schubert, Kupelwieser, Doblhoff -signs of homoerotic feeling -Schwind’s worship to Schober -Schubert: longing for Schober in letters -friendship in the Schubert’s circle
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