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Chapter 1

NROB60 Chapter 1: Detailed textbook notes

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Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 1 Neuroscience Past Present and FutureThe nervous system the brain spinal cordnerves of the body is crucial for life and enables you to scene think and move7000 years ago people were boring holes in each others skullsa process called trepanation with the aim of not to kill but to cureSkull showed signs of healing indicated that surgery was carried out on live subjectsGreek Scholars concluded that the brain is the organ of sensationoHippocratesThe Father of Western medicine stated that the brain is involved with intelligence along with sensationThis view is not universally unacceptableoAristotlebelieved that the heart was the centre of intellectwhich has the capacity for knowledgeunderstandingRoman Medicine oGalenIdentified 2 major parts of the brain the cerebrum and cerebellumSuggested that the cerebrum must be recipient of sensation where as the cerebellum must command the musclesDiscovered the Ventricles in the brain which contained fluid insideIn summary he predicted that Sensations were registeredmovements were initiated my movement of humors fluids to or from the brain ventricles through the nervesRenaissanceoAndreas Vesalius anatomistVentricular localization of the brain function is hydraulically controlledoRene Descartes
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