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Chapter 2

NROB60 Chapter 2: Detailed textbook notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 2 Neurons and GliaNeurons Cells important for brain function They can sense changes in the environment communicate these changes to other neurons and command bodys responses to these sensationGlial Cells contribute to brain function by insulating supporting and nourishing neighbouring neuronsHistology The microscopic study of the structures of tissues To see the cells in the brain it must be stained because brain tissue has no differences in pigmentationFranz Nisslo Showed a class of basic dyes will stain the nuclei of all cells well known as Nissl stain It is useful for stining brain tissue because it distinguishes neurons and glial cells from each other and it enables histologists to study the arrangement known as cytoarchitecture of the different parts in the brain Camillo GolgioSoaking brain tissue in chromate solution called the Golgi Stain Shows that the neurons have two parts the central region with nucleus cell bodyand the thin tubesaxons dendritesthat radiate away from the central regionoBelieved that the neuritis of different cells are fused together to form a continuous reticulumsimilar to arteries and veinsSantiago Ramon y CajaloArgued opposite to Golgis theory he argued that the neuritis of different neurons arent continuous with one another and must communicate by contact not continuityThe Prototypical NeuronoNeuronal membrane separated the inside of the neuron to the outsideoSoma CytosolA salty potassium rich solution that is separated from the outside by neuronal membrane
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