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Chapter 5

NROB60 CH. 5

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Janelle Leboutillier

Ch 5Synaptic TransmissionSynaptic Transmissionprocess of info transfer at the synapseElectrical synapseElectrical current flowing from one neuron to the nextChemical synapseChemical NT transfer info from one neuron to another at the synapse Types of SynapsesInfo flows in one direction from a neuron to its target cell First neuronpresynaptic target cellpost synapticElectrical Synapse Direct transfer of ionic current from one cell the next Occur at specialized sitesgap junctions Membranes of two cells are separated and narrow gap is spanned by clusters of protens called connexins Six connexinsconnexon 2 connexonsgap junction channel Channel allows ions to pass directly from cytoplasm of one cell to the other Big enough o allow major cell ions and many small organic molecules to pass through Allow ionic current to pass through bidirectionally Cells connected by gap junctionselectrically coupled When two neurons are electrically coupled an AP in the presynaptic neurons causes a small amount of ionic current to flow across the gap junction channels into the other neuron Current causes postsynaptic potential PSP in the second neuron Since it is bidirectional the second neuron generates an AP and induces a PSP in first neuronSynaptic integrationseveral PSPs occurring simultaneously and may strongly excite a neuron Gap junctions interconnect many non neural cells glia epithelial smooth and cardiac muscle cells liver cells glandular cellsChemical Synapse At chemical synapses post synaptic and pre synapticmembranes separated by synaptic cleftfilled with matrix of fibrous EC protein functions to make pre and post adhere to each other
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