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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Structure of the NS

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Janelle Leboutillier

September 21 Structure of the NS Chapter 7 and Appendix Gross Organization Anatomical References CNS PNS VideoSeptember 28 Development of NS Chapter 7 and Appendix Meninges BBB Ventricular System Cranial NervesOctober 5 Cortical Function Chapter 7 and Appendix Chapter 7 The Structure of the NS IntroductionWe will talk about the general organization of mammalian brain and terms to describe itHow 3D structure of the brain arises from embryological and fetal developmentExplore cerebral neocortexGross Organization of Mammalian NSMammalian NS has 2 divisions CNS and PNS Anatomical ReferencesTo describe the location of something in the brain are the same for points of references in a city ie north east south west except that the termscalled anatomical referencesare differentA rat NS is a simplified version that has all the general features of MNS organization The brain is in the head and the C runs down inside the backbone towards the tail The direction or anatomical reference pointing toward rats nose is anteriorrostra Lation for beakThe direction pointing towards the rats tail is the posterioircaudal Lation for tailThe direction pointing up is dorsal Latin for backThe direction pointing down is ventral Latin for belly If the right side of the brain and spinal cord is the same on the left side it is bilateral symmetryThe invisible line running down the NS is the midline y Strucutres closer to the midline are medial and those farther are lateral ie the nose is medial to the eyes the eyes are medial to the ears and so on2 strucures that are on the same side are ipsilateral to each other ie the right ear is ipsilateral to the right eyeIf 2 strucutres are on the opposite sides of the midline they are contralateral to each other ie right ear is contralateral to the left earTo view the internal structure of the brain its necessary to slive it upa slice is a section to slice is to sectionThe standard way to cut into the brain is to make cutes aralellet to one of the 3 anatmoical planes of section y The plane of section resulting form splitting the brain into equal rightleft halves is midsagittal plane y Sections parallel to the midsagittal plane are in the sagitall plane
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