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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Neuroscience: Past, Present and Future

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 1 Neuroscience Past Present and Future IntroductionSociety for Neuroscience 1970Multiple disciplines medicine biology psychology physics chemistry mathematics The Origins of Neuroscience 7000 years ago bore holes into others skull to cure5000 years ago Egyptians were aware of symptoms of brain damage but believe heart to be the seat of the soulViews of the Brain in Ancient Greece Correlation between structure and function4th century BC Greek scholars Hippocrates brain is organ of sensation and seat of intelligenceAristotle heart is center of intelligence brain cools down blood Views of the Brain During the Roman EmpireGalen Greek physician and writer as physician and dissector o Said cerebrum is recipient of sensations and cerebellum commands motion as sensory memories must be imprinted on doughy cerebrum o Found ventricles which supported idea of humors movement of these believed to control movements and sensations Views of the Brain from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Centuryrenaissance Andreas Vesalius added detail to structure still believed in ventricular localization of brain functionEarly 17th century french hydraulic system supported fluidmechanical theory of brain function o Rene D
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