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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Neuronal Membrane at Rest

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Janelle Leboutillier

Chapter 3 the Neuronal Membrane at Rest IntroductionSimple reflex must collect distribute and integrate information Axon carry ions not free electrons therefore cytosol less conductive than a copper wire also less insulatedAction potential nerve impulse with fixed size and duration frequency and distribution codes information brief reversal in potential Excitable membrane cells capable of generating and conducting action potentials muscle and nerve cellsResting potential difference difference in electrical charge across the membrane negativeThe Cast of Chemicals Cytosol and the Extracellular FluidWater o Polar effective solvent of other polar moleculesIons o Have net electrical chargeo Charged portion of water has stronger attraction for ions that they have for each othero Sphere of hydration cloud of water around each ion the insulate the ions from each other o Monovalent vs divalent cation vs anion o Imp Na K Cl Ca2 The Phospholipid MembraneHydrophilic vs hydrophobic Lipid water inso
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