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Summary of Article: Building a Brainier Mouse

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Le Boutillier

BUILDING A BRAINIER MOUSE What happens in the brain during learning and what memories are made ofgenerated a smart micedoogievalidated theory of mechanisms of learning and memory and illustrated the central role of a particular molecule in the process of memory formation understanding memory and learning is imp becuae what we learn and remember determines who we are Memory defines an individual Learning and memory are involved in transmitting our culture and civilization over generationsmajor forces in driving beahvioral cultural and social evolutionTHE ABCS OF MEMORY Donal Hebb canadian psychologist laid the foundations for understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms of learning and memoryHebbs learning rulethat a memory is produced when two connected neurons are active simultaneously in a way that somehow strengthens the synapse the site where the two nerve cellstouch each other In 1973 Timothy V P Bliss and Terje Lmodiscovered an experimental model with hallmark features of Hebbs theoryFound that nerve cells in a sea horseshaped region of the brain the hippocampus became more tightly linked when stimulated with high frequency electrical pusles The increase in synaptic strength Longterm potentiation LTPLTP can last hours days or even weeks Hippocampus is a crucial brain structure for memory formation in both animals and humans Its fascinating that LTP is found inthe hippoLater studies Applying a lowfreq stimulation to same hippo pathway produces a longlasting
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