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NROC61 - Ch15 textbook notes

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Chapter 15 The Secretory Hypothalamus y The hypothalamus sits below the thalamus along the walls of the third ventricle y This tiny cluster of nuclei makes up less than 1 of the brains massAn Overview of the Hypothalamus y Hypothalamus and dorsal thalamus are asdjacent y The hypothalamus integrates somatic and visceral responses in accordance with the needs of the brain y A tiny lesion can produce dramatic and often fatal disruptionsy Homeostasis o In mammals the requirement for life include a narrow range of body temperatures and blood compositions o The hypothalamus regulates these levels in response to a changing external environmenthomeostasisy Structures and Connections of the Hypothalamus o The hypothalamus has three functional zones lateral medial and periventricular o The lateral and medial zones have extensive connections with the brain stem and the telencephalon and regulate certain types of behaviour o The periventricular zone is so named because the cells of this region lie next to the wall of the third ventricle o One group of cells constitutes the suprachiasmatic nucleus SCN which lies just above the optic chiasm o These cells receive direct retinal innervations and function to synchronize circadian rhythms with the daily lightdark cycle o Other cells control the ANS regulate the outflow of the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervations of the visceral organs o The cells in a third group neurosecretory neurons extend axons down toward the stalk of the pituitary glandPathways to the Pituitary y The pituitary has two lobes posterior and anterior y The hypothalamus controls the two lobes in different waysy Hypothalamic Control of the Posterior Pituitary o The largest of the hypothalamic neurosecretory cells magno
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