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Janelle Leboutillier

Physiology and pathophsyiological influences on thirstIntroductionThe focus has been on lamina terminaliscontains subfornical organ and organum vasculosum of lamina terminalis OVLT which are circumventricular organs no BBB Osmoregulatory water intakeAblation of the OVLT and effects on osmoregulatory drinking Ablation of optic recess cause reduced water drinking but not perm adipsia reduced drinkingosmoreceptors for frist are located in OVLT However not complete aboltion of osmotically stimulated drinking so examine role of subfornical organ and median preoptic nucleus in lamina terminalisAblation of OVLT or SFO with infusion of saline solution did not cause significant reduction of water drinking Large inhibition when both were ablated Ablation of MnPO also caused reduction in osmoregulatory drinking Although not abolitionPerhaps all parts of lamina terminalis play a part in osmoregulatory drinking and can compensate for damage in 1 partAlso this is not direct proof for hypertonicity recptors but the fact that these parts are in an area without the BBB indicates that osmoreceptors subserving thirst and in both the OVLT and SFOInjection of iboetnic acid neurotoxin into MNPO caused severe deficits in osmoticalyls timu
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