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Types of memory and amenisaLearning is the acquisition of new info Memory is the recall of learned infoDeclarative and nondeclarative memoryDeclarative explicit memory for facts and eventsNondeclarative implicit o Procedural memory for skills habist and behaviorsDeclarative memory can be accessed for conscious recollection nondeclarative u sually cant Declarative is explicit conscious effort and nondeclarative is implicit direct experience Declarative are easy to create and forget Longtermshort term and working memoryWorking memory memory that is remembered over days months and years Not all memory makes it into long term storage dinner yesterday vs dinner last weekMemory that was readily lost was called short term memory Short term memory is selectively kept through memory consolidation STM is not necessary required for MC thoughWorking memory is the information we hold in our minds It is a temporary form o f iformation storage thats limite in capacity Digit span no of digits a person can remember is usually 7 plus or minus 2 One sensory modality can be selectively damaged ie seeing versus hearing 7 numbers supporting idea of multiple memory storage sites AmnesiaAmnesia serious inability to recall or create memories usually caused by disease Limited amnesia is more common than absolute amnesiaDissociated amnesia refers to amnesia wo cognitive deficits o Retrograde amnesia memory loss for events before trauma The loss is graded the more recent the event the weaker the recollection It might reflect structural changes in the brain o Anterograde amnesia inability to create new memories Severe cases are characterized by complete lack of learning whereas most cases need repetition in learning new things slower process o Transient global amnesia is sudden anterograde amnesia that lasts minuts to days Perform appears disoriented and asks the same questions repeatedly Cerebral ischemia reduced blood flow and trauma seem to play a role In general it seems to be a temporary deprivation of blood to arreas important for learning memoryBox 241 An extraordinary memoryS Luria Sherashevsky came to Aleksandr Luria He had an insane memorycould remember lists of 70 words lists from 15 yrs earlier etc He seemed to create a photograph in his brain of the list
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